1. About washing silk - How to wash silk products ?

In order to preserve the beauty and durability of silk products, we recommend hand washing silk lingerie in cold water with mild detergent (Silicone-free shampoo, body wash gel etc.). You must separate clothes to wash if they are not in same colours and never soak them in water.
Points to remember when washing silk:

Hand wash for lingerie. Hand wash or dry clean for sleepwear and other silk products (silk pillowcases, silk eye mask etc.)
• Always use cold water.
• Always wash your clothes in separate colours
• Do not use fabric softener
• Do not soak in water
Do not use a washing machine to wash your lingerie. The friction will cause threads to break easily and change the shape of bra wires, even if you place them in a washing net.
Air dry is the best and avoid direct sunlight

We recommend replacing your bra/panties every six months to a year, depending on how often you wear them.

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