Why Silk

We live in a commercial world where most undergarments are made of cheap materials ( i.e. : polyester and cotton) selling at premium prices driven by marketing and branding costs. No one tells us about the harmful effects these fabrics could cause women. ( Polyester doesn't "breath", cotton absorbs moisture, but it doesn't provide ventilation)

As women, we know what's important, and we have developed a series of underwear made of only natural silk fabrics with more styles coming up to cater  women's needs for every occasion. We will never compromise the quality of our products, and we will always use only silk as our principle material, as silk is breathable and fast drying (1.5 times faster than cotton).

If you still wear underpants that are made of anything other than silk, it is time you change that. Find the styles you like from our website for yourself and for your loved ones.

Because all women deserve better.

With love,
Sandra Silk Australia